Sep 13, 2011

Save the Date Poll

Alright, we're really trying to choose a save the date by the end of the week. But I need your opinions! 

Would you get something you absolutely love that's a bit more expensive, that matches your invite suite, as below:
 (Gilt Edge Card, customized at William Arthur)

Or something that uses your nice engagement photos, your fiance likes better, and is much cheaper? Like below:
(Wedding Paper Divas "Beautiful Band")

If it helps, we're talking like a $150ish difference. I do love the first option, and the difference isn't exactly bank breaking, so I'm questioning if it's dumb to obsess over the budget. But then again, $150 here and there it adds up- it could be tips for vendors, my hair, makeup for two bridesmaids, etc. Cause it's not like the save the dates are the only place where we can scrape a bit off the budget.

So which would you go with? Pricey but you love, or pretty good and less expensive?


  1. I always love getting a save the date with the couples picture on it. So that's my vote, and it helps that it's the more affordable option :-)

  2. Yep I like the couple shot! And it's always nice to see smiling faces on your fridge or wherever you display it :)

  3. I agree with the photo option, and I think the Save the date is the one thing that you can go outside of the invitation suite with, as in it is okay if it does not match!

  4. Thanks guys, seems to be the unanimous agreement, polled my girlfriends and they said the same thing!

  5. Maybe you've already decided on this..but I'd go with the picture save-the-date...I think that's the main reasons engagement pics are taken, and they should be used as often as possible! Yes, save the dates are the one thing you can def. play around with and have fun with rather than stick to a "theme"