Sep 5, 2011

The Lull Stops Now!

I spent most of this summer putting wedding work on the backburner, but now Labor Day is over, signaling the end of summer, and with it, the end of my laziness. We're 9 months out, and it's time to get back to work.

I'm putting my goals for September on here in the hopes that it will somehow hold me accountable for the things I need to do. You have my full permission to harass me via comments if you don't see posts about this stuff at some point this month!

So, the September To Do List:

1. Call the church up about Pre Cana. Yes, they told you they will always make room for parish members, even if the Diocese says Pre Cana's full. But Pre Cana is 9/17, and you knew about this since last March, there's no excuse for forcing the church to accomodate you at the last minute.

2. Make a decision on save the dates!! Unfortunately this also means tackle the unpleasant guest list, since we need to know who to send them to.

3. Order STDs mid month, send end of month.

4. Start bridesmaid dress shopping. I made some plans with my cousin Katie to start looking, so hopefully I'll have some posts on that soon!

Four things, that's it! Surely I can accomplish these four things!!

Anyone else have some September goals set up?


  1. My goal for September is to get the deposits paid for our ceremony/reception venues! One goal, but it's a big one.

  2. My goal is to find a florist and to find our officiant. We're 8 months out and I'm feeling a little behind!

  3. I have some goals since wedding wire is telling me I am behind by 9 items! I better get cracking too!!! Good Luck with those four things, those all seem relatively easy and fun! :)