Oct 26, 2011

The Bachelorette Debate

I have two separate groups of friends. The first is my bridesmaids, the girls I've grown up with and who are my closest friends. I love our girly nights in, usually involving wine and someone's couch. 

And then there's mine and Mr. B's shared group. I met them back in high school, when I became friends with Mr. B himself, and they're my Saturday nights friends- the people I booze with, go on vacations with, and do all sorts of crazy things (ie, ghost hunting, 4 am karaoke, etc) with. The group is huge, and a ton of fun.

(There's Mr. B mean mugging in the sweater combo)

So at a party with the guys last weekend, bachelor/ette talk came up. I wanted to go out in NYC, and I wanted both groups of friends to come. But when I mentioned this to the boys, they were appalled. Reactions went something like this:

"What! We don't want to come to a bachelorette party!"

"Shouldn't that just be with girls? I mean...isn't there going to be like, penis stuff there?"

And my personal favorite, said in complete horror:
"Oh no, does that mean  you're going to want to come to Mr. B's bachelor party now?"
(FYI, no, absolutely not).

I was really surprised at the reactions! All I want for the bachelorette (which, I realize is months away and not my place to plan anyway) is to have an awesome night out with everyone I love, kind of like a huge birthday party. The girls are cool with it, but apparently I'm going to have to call it by a different name if I don't want the boys to freak out! But I'll get them there, I know it!

What's your take on co-ed bachelor/bachelorette parties? Would you do it? Would your friends?


  1. My FI and his friends would say no way. They would say that it's a guys night and blah blah blah.

  2. LOL we have similar groups of friends situations..hence why I am having two, yes two bachellorette parties..an out of town one and then one here with all our mututal friends, but it will be girls only for both. FI will have his own as well..BUUUT my BFF got married years ago and we had a joint bachelor/bachelortte weekend where the grooms parents let us use their huge house on a lake for the weekend and they went away (god love them) it was a blast of drinking/boating/slip and slide down the hill into the lake and it was one of the best weddings because we had all hung out together and met at the bachy party weekend so we all had so much fun at the wedding because we already knew everyone! Men are against having joint bach parties though, I don't quite get it!

  3. See I don't want exactly a joint thing...Mr. B can have his own without me, I just want the boys at mine! The lake house weekend sounds really awesome though, I so wish we had a friend who could hook us up!