Oct 31, 2011

Save the Date? Meh

I'm not sure what I thought the reaction to our save the dates would be. Maybe something like this:
Okay, maybe not that psyched. But I did anticipate a bunch of excited phone calls, "the date is SO saved" texts from friends, that type of thing.
But we got nothing! Save the dates were mailed to around 120 people; three days later, not one person had commented.  I started to worry that something went wrong, since our recipients were mostly local and usually receive things the next day. We did use a flourishy, decorative font on the envelopes, after all.  Maybe the post office couldn't read them. I made a few phone calls to check on the situation. Things were fine.
In the end, my MOH and her mother reacted excitedly, calling them classy and beautiful, and Mr. B's mom heard from two guests. On my side, my dad's sister called to acknowledge receipt, and I'm not sure what was said but I know that the exchange somehow wound up in an argument. Definitely not the outcome we were going for! 
So 5 total acknowledgements out of 120. This surprised me because I spoke to plenty of recipients- friends, bridesmaids, cousins- in the five days since we mailed them. I don't expect the world to turn upside down because Mr. B and I formally announced our wedding date, it's old news now anyway, but since I was talking with people regardless, I thought they'd mention it. 
It's not keeping me up at night or anything, but after spending money and time on them, I have to admit I was hoping for a few compliments! At least notice the effort we put into beautifully addressing them, at midnight on a Saturday night no less!

Oh well. Hopefully the invites get our guests a little more pumped.

What reactions did your save the dates get?


  1. OMGosh!!!! I had the same reaction, I expected so many posts on Facebook or texts about the STDs but I really only remember getting One text the day I expected locals to receive them. Then my sister and MOH texted a few days later since they live farther away but I really expected more of a reaction. My mom did say that some of the neighboors and her side of the family commented on how cute they were to her. I do find myself going to all my friends houses and scoping out their fridges just to make sure our STDs are on the fridge and I have not found one yet where its not displayed..how lame am I?!??!?! Then I thought to myself, do I always text or react when I have received a STD..now I know better! Guess you don't really realize the excitement of wedding planning until you are doing it yourself.

  2. Lol glad to know I am not alone!! I got really excited today when one of my bridesmaids told me she put it on her fridge. I think now I know for my girlfriends to show a little enthusiasm when these go out

  3. I completely know what you mean! I found your blog on weddingee, I'm also working on a wedding blog right now! Consider me a new subscriber. :)