May 9, 2012

Still Surreal

Our wedding is less than thirty days away, but it doesn't feel real. I've spent our entire engagement planning, and it's always been so far in the future that now, even though it's very close, it still feels like a far-off, distant event.

Our RSVPs in, our final meetings with vendors happened, we even applied for our marriage license. I pick up my dress soon, and we're starting table numbers. But none of these items are triggering a "holy-crap-it's-almost-June" freakout.

We're on track really in terms of DIY projects, and things seem to be going smoothly, so I'm not feeling much of a last minute crunch.

Is this normal? Why is it not sinking in that we're really, really close?  I'm started to get nervous that the reality of it will hit me at a really inconvenient time, like say the morning of the wedding, and I'll be temporarily incapacitated with a bad panic attack.

Anyone else feel like this? It's weirding me out!!

1 comment:

  1. Its just because you are soooo on top of things!! Which is great because then the last couple days before the wedding you can relax with family! I was fine right up until the day before the wedding when I was trying to leave for the hotel and get ready for the house/pet sitter to come over to the house and I had a house full of people it just got to be tooooo much! But then I was fine once it became time for all the wedding festivities, nails, rehearsal..reh dinner, etc. You are in great shape and are sooo ready, its going to be perfect!