May 17, 2011

Flower Inspiration!

I've been taking time to collect some floral inspiration, to be prepared for
Originally, I envisioned a ton of all-white lushness: tall, round centerpieces, overstuffed with fluffy peonies, roses, and puffballs of hydrangeas, all seated on a tall, wrought gold candelabra.
Lush like this bouquet (Source)

With a design like these centerpieces (Source)

Turns out, that type of lushness so incredibly far from our budget that I laughed when our florist quoted the cost. She suggested combining the above idea with a classic orchid arrangement:

Orchids, while a more expensive flower, have a lot more blooms per stem, which means you don’t need to stuff as many into a centerpiece to make it look good. So they actually wind up being a more cost-effective choice than the beloved peony. Plus, my mom always liked this look better, and I definitely trust her judgment.  

So now we’re working with this as the official inspiration, only with more green leaves in to cut the cost:

Source (Flowers by MDS Floral)

I absolutely love these! The center still has some of our fluffy round flowers, but on a much smaller scale. It wouldn't work on its own, but the addition of the loose orchids and tall branches (FMIL’s idea) make the centerpiece dramatic, needed in our 32 foot ceiling venue.

We will use a gold candelabra for the stand, and also add in some lush low centerpieces. The flowers will be all white (though those pinks are pretty!), and the centerpieces will be surrounded by small candles wrapped in lace. 


  1. I cannot WAIT to see what the actual inspiration looks like. They are so dramatic and beautiful.

  2. WOW what great inspiration pictures. Keeping it simple will still look great!!

  3. wow that inspiration picture is beautiful. It will look gorgeous with the lilac and blue. I can't wait to see it!