May 15, 2011

Sweet Relief

So today as I was flipping through the mail, I noticed a small brown envelope addressed to me from our photographer. I tore it open to reveal its contents:

Our engagement pictures!

We’d seen a sneak preview through email, but I was so excited to have real copies of all the pictures. The pictures, in case my blog post title didn’t make it obvious, really came out okay. My hair, while nowhere near perfect (and in no way similar to how I ever wear it) really looks fine in the pictures. Not amazing, not perfect, but fine. Our outfits photographed well. Our photographer came up with great poses, and really worked with the weather. The pictures aren’t what I had always envisioned (sun, surf, rides), but you know what? They came out good anyway! Maybe this is something I should keep in mind for the wedding- little things might go wrong, but the overall result will be right. 
Okay, so you probably want to see these don’t you…Click ahead!

This is is one of my favorites (you can tell my hair was not done right, look how wrinkly it looks at the ends!)

This ice cream place is one of my favorite spots on the boardwalk, it's so cute!

I love this classic B&W shot:

 Here's the closest we got to a ride or arcade shot:

  Us in front of the funhouse. You can see that was closed too.

I love shoe shots in wedding photography, and Mr. B loved the rusted wall hipster background on this one:
You can't tell, but I totally got a pedicure to match his sneakers.

Mr. B thoughtfully brought the roses as a prop. Love how the bright yellow contrasts (He must have been thinking Michigan football on this one! But it works!)

He also brought his guitar, and behind us in this picture is our favorite house. Mr. B and I like to walk the boardwalk and pick out the houses we want:

This next shot, in front of a little bungalow on the boardwalk, is one of Mr. B's faves. Had the weather been good, we probably never would have even stopped here, but thanks to our photographer's rainy day creativity, we now have this great pic:

What's really cool is that Mr. B and I made out in high school in one of these houses, I forget which one though. Our friends rented it in high school, and we went for a party senior year. After a little gin I walked up to him and said, "Hey, wanna make out?" Classy I know, but it worked! We made out a bunch that night. I love that we have a picture that shows us nowadays in the same place where we have one of our favorite early stories.
We got some indoor arcade shots:

And we got a little more comfortable towards the very end:
Or maybe we were just happy to get out of the cold. 

And my very favorite:

So there you have it! Our shoot wasn't such a disaster after all!

All photos by the awesome Kevin of Spark Photography.


  1. LOVE! These look fantastic. I totally love to do that too (walk by houses and pick out which one I would live in if I had unlimited dollars). I seriously heart your e-photos.

  2. Recently started following and wanted to say hi! Also.. your e-pics are seriously amazing. I only wish that ours came out that great! Such a fun idea to do it by the boardwalk and in the arcade. You guys are too cute :)