May 4, 2011

Vendor Search Tips: Florist

The florist search is simpler than other vendors. The photographer really impacts the memories you have of the day, and bad music will ruin the actual event, so choosing those can get stressful.  But flowers? They pretty much always look beautiful, and odds are that if you bring a florist pictures of what you want, they’ll be able to do it for you. Really, you’re just choosing who you're comfortable working with, and who’s offering you the most competitive price.

So it follows that my little form is not quite as complicated as the other ones. Honestly, I barely even used it.  I ruled out one florist immediately on her rude personality, and another on the very 90’s style arrangements she put together.  My favorite florist’s prices checked out with the first two, so  we signed our deposit almost immediately. But in case anyone out there wants to get a little more anal with comparisons:

Florist Info
Shop Name

Phone Number

Location & Hours


Cost Estimates
   Ceremony flowers
   Reception flowers
   Misc. Decor

Delivery/set up fee
Fee for coming back to get any centerpiece stands, etc.

Familiar with venue?
Yes          No
Site visit:
Yes          No
Arrival time for setup:

   Deposit Required:
   Final Payment Due:
   Cancellation Policy:

(d├ęcor needs, budget/seasonal flowers)

There’s no contract notes here. Meetings with the florists were long and detailed, with discussions on every element from centerpieces to boutonnieres to cocktail decorations. The “contract” I signed on was just a writeup of what we decided on, changeable until two weeks prior to the wedding. So you’re not exactly signing your life away here. Like I said, low-pressure vendor! 

I promise the next posts will be more interesting and less business-centric!

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