Jun 21, 2011

I Love Fancy Invites

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through a bridal magazine and stumbled upon what I consider the most perfect wedding invitation ever created:

I love the rich paper, elegant gold border, understated script, and rounded corners. They remind me of something from a more genteel era. I'm sure they're boring to some, but to me, they're exactly what a wedding invitaiton should be. I'm not into all the letterpress, kooky vintage designs, and wild colors that I keep seeing.
Unfortunately, they come with an extremely big price tag, something in the neighborhood of 3-4 grand, so they are not even remotely an option for Mr. B and I.

I tried a search for custom invitation designers, hoping to have these cheaply copied. But of course, instead of finding budget-friendly alternatives, I found even more gorgeous, and just as expensive, invites from designer Ceci New York. I venture to guess most of us don't have invitation budgets that start at $3k, but let's ogle these beauties anyway (all pics below from Ceci New York):

The Erin and Peter design

The Gold Room design from her Breakers collection

In case your taste doesn't venture to vintage gold the way mine does, here's a bolder design, inspired by the royal wedding (oh yeah that! Anyone else forget it even happened?)

The Catherine and William design- Love those blue flowers!

In love does not even begin to describe my obsession with these invites. The company does have some ready made designs, but I'm still not sure they'd be in our budget. But just in case it works out, I'm feeling the Elizabeth:
What did you guys fall in love with that was totally out of your budget?

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  1. I love, love, love the first invitations. Especially that you can see the thickness and golden edge of the paper. I feel in love with several invitation suites which were not in our budget.

    ps thanks for stopping by thelemonpuppy and saying you say us on the bee. The 'lemon' is enjoying her new found fame :)