Jun 27, 2011

A Jumble of STDs

So I do have some good news, my job transfer went through and Mr. B and I found an apartment!!  Lots of changes for me up ahead. It’s a blur of excitement, furniture, new job paperwork, and some not-so-minor freakouts.

But despite all this craziness, I've been trying to squeeze in some decisions on our STDs, since we want to get them out by the the end of the summer. My inspiration is all over the place: Should I do something crafty and creative? Use a photo? Coordinate them with the invite suite? (Hence my previous post on invite styles).  There’s so many options!

I initially fell in love with two really cool ideas, but nixed them both on the cost. The first were these gorgeous vintage handkerchiefs- different and elegant to me, although I think receiving a glorified snot rag in the mail may confuse people not regularly immersed in wedding blogs (so like, 95% of our guest list):

I also LOVED these vintage looking matchbooks below. The ornate gold and baby blue one fit perfectly in with our wedding style, and a matchbook is unique. Again though, they were just too expensive. Good thing, since I believe the Etsy seller no longer makes them anyway.

So now I’ve moved onto stickers. They’re functional, as guests can peel them off and pop them on the calendar, without having to look at our grinning faces on a magnet every time they open their fridge. Plus, stickers are very cost effective. Vistaprint sells a roll of 500 for around $75. Having all those extras would allow me to use them in other wedding elements for a nice cohesive look- and I like carrying a theme through.

The downside of this would be that I couldn’t just pop the sticker on its backing paper in an envelope and mail them. I’d have to come up with some kind of little info card and tie it all up in the envelope, like Mrs. Giraffe from Weddingbee did with hers:

See, the magnet goes onto that little card. Source

I love this, and the opportunity they afford to be creative, but I’m concerned that with everything else going on in life now, I might not be able to devote the time to executing it perfectly.

So the next choice is the photo postcard. It's a good way to use our engagement pics, but I’m just not in love with this, and neither is Mr. B. But it is so quick and easy to execute, all we'd have to do is stop by Minted or whatever and upload a picture.

Finally, I love the look of an STD that coordinates with the whole invite suite though, even if it is the simplest option. Of course, that means we have to choose invites now, which I’m not sure we’re prepared to do.
These Martha Stewart for Crane "Crown" invites are the closest copy I can find to the ones I posted last week. Unfortunately they still aren't cheap, and they're lacking that awesome gold border.

What do you guys think? Something different like a sticker, something that matches, or a good ol’ photo card? Leave some links to your STDs on your blogs if you want!


  1. I love all of these ideas! I'm trying to figure out what to do for our save the dates, I think I'm leaning towards the post card idea!
    So funny about the hankys, when I first stumbled upon a hanky invite I died, I NEEDED it. but the cost - YUCK!

  2. I just wrote a post on STD....check it out. I am sticking to postcards since I think it will be the least expensive