Jan 21, 2011

Engagement Gift Ideas

My best friend got engaged before anyone else I knew, and her proposal involved a surprise party at her house. While I knew I would get her a "proper" engagement gift eventually, I wanted something small but thoughtful to bring on the actual engagement night. I thought a lot about what would be fun, and below are some ideas I had, as well as some gifts I received on my own engagement night:

 Lolita Martini Glasses: Lolita makes adorable painted barware for all different occasions. Above, the “Wedding Toast” Glass, decorated with engagement rings.

Ring holders: I received beautiful ones from Lenox and Brighton.

Magazines! Isn’t finally being able to buy a bridal magazine one of the most exciting parts of first getting engaged? Don’t make your friend go out and get her own magazines the next day- she’s going to wish she had some to read in her pajamas when she wakes up. It’s a gift that's inexpensive for you but really appreciated by her.

Books: Similar to the magazines, but with a little more meat. My best friend gave me Mindy Weiss’ The Wedding Book, which I don't think I could plan my wedding without, and my mom gave me David Tutera’s Big White Book of Weddings. The Knot and many other companies also publish planners and list books. If you don’t want to get a planning book, the book Altared edited by Colleen Curran, has essays written by brides on all different wedding related topics.

Picture frames: always a safe bet.

Ornaments: So many engagements happen around Christmastime, so a custom ornament with the couples' names is both seasonal and cute.


Champagne: depending on your budget, you can also include toasting flutes, or pair this with the magazines as well, so she can relax, read, and celebrate all at the same time (that's what I went with). Or go with wine or beer, depending on what the couple likes- just make the brand a little nicer than usual.

Lunch: if you don’t live close by, plan to meet up for lunch or drinks, treat, and let her talk about the plans! She's going to be excited, so just listen to her talk- now is not the time for you to cut her off with your work woes or boyfriend drama.

Custom thank you cards: This gift may not be for everyone, especially if you think the couple in question may have their own style or ideas for how they want their stationary to look (maybe she’s adamant that it exactly matches the wedding invites). But, they will receive plenty of engagement gifts and may be glad to have thank you cards that they can give to everyone.

Or, combine a few of the books/mags into a little “Engagement Essentials” gift basket- maybe throw in some ring cleaner, or a pretty notebook she can use when she starts to meet with vendors.

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