Jan 16, 2011

Inspiration Board

I never understood the point of inspiration boards, and never planned on making one. Until I was bored one night and threw one together as a background project while I was G-chatting Mr. B. He was arguing that my dream colors (ivory and gold) would be boring, and I wanted to show him they woudn't be. I wasn't even paying much attention while I did it, just combining some favorite pictures I'd saved. But when it was finished, I was shocked at how much I loved it. I mean, loved. I probably should have figured this, I combined all of my favorite wedding pictures into one big collage- why wouldn't I love it?

But more than that, I was glad I made it. First off, I was surprised to see how many cohesive elements it had. It made me feel like I could trust my judgment, that I gravitated towards certain things because they shared a common style element. What I like/choose is subconscious, but since it all comes from me, it somehow all works together.

Secondly, I learned my colors were a bit different than I'd always envisioned. I was very adamant about "ONLY gold and ivory, absolutely NO color"- well look how much baby blue is in here! (FYI, if asked before this board, I would have told you that baby blue was my least favorite color). I was glad that popped up as an accent color, since a lack of color was a small point of contention between Mr. B and me.

Finally, it's an easy way to show people what I'm thinking. Saying "white and gold with baby blue accents" could mean anything. This clarifies it a lot, and classes it up a bit. So without further ado: the board!

I love this board. I think it is elegant, classic, beautiful, vintage, and vaguely regal, yet retains a refreshing feel. I'm so glad I made this, and recommend everyone else try it out as well. You will be surprised at what you learn!

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