Jan 22, 2011

Venue Hunt- The Decision!!

We went with the Palace!!

I'm in love with it. It is set off from a main road (that is full of hotels!), and you drive up to it through a long, windy road that goes across the 30 acre property. It really feels, and looks, like a palace. It's different from every other catering venue in that it's not a huge building off a major roadway, not gaudy and Jersey, and I truly trust that the managers, etc will provide us with a classy, elegant wedding. The ballroom is grand and elegant, with 24 ft ceilings, a library that will serve as the cocktail space, and a beautiful foyer entrance. I also love the bridal suite, a glorious multi-room space that will surely give us some awesome getting ready pictures. They've got a groom suite for the fiance and his friends (complete with projection screen so they can watch Sportscenter!). I love the grand ceremony area, where I can make an amazing staircase entrance, as well as the glamorous staircase entrance for the party room. The outdoor terrace makes for a perfect outdoor cocktail area (or ceremony, if the fiance gets his way). I'm rambling...but that's because I'm so excited!

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