Jan 16, 2011

So we're planning a wedding...

I'm Tracy. I’m 24, and a loud and honest Jersey girl, into reading, crafts, food and fashion. My love of dresses, heels, and pearls, might make me seem elegant, but they're usually combined with a beer and a loud rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine. Wedding planning has shown me that I have a crazy level of attention to detail, psychotically high standards, and an obsession with organization.

My fiancé is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever known- smart, a hard worker, quiet, down to earth, and so much fun. He’s in public accounting, but plays in a band on the side. He drives me crazy when there’s a Michigan game on or a new Weezer single on YouTube, but I wouldn’t change a thing about him.  

We’re planning a move to New York City, and love to explore the neighborhoods or go up to visit our friends. We'll be getting married in June, in an affair I like to call formal, elegant, and classy (with a few fun touches).

I feel so blessed to be planning a wedding with the man of my dreams, and am looking forward to blogging about the process! (Hey, if anything, it's an escape from my dull desk job!) Thanks for coming along!

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