Apr 14, 2011

My Hipster Wedding

Most brides choose a theme or color scheme for their wedding and stick with it, and I am no exception.  But just because you’ve chosen navy and white for your casual seaside reception, doesn’t mean you're not occasionally captivated by an elegant engraved invitation suite, or an Old Hollywood venue.

I’m no different. Due to the climate and weather where I live, the dreamy “Style Me Pretty” rustic blog weddings are impossible for me. (Not that those are realistic for any human to execute without copious professional styling).  So we’re having an indoor event, in an elegant and classic ballroom. It suits our style and personalities perfectly.

But if I lived in Southern California, maybe I’d be a little more laid back and casual, and boy would my wedding look totally different! I call my imaginary wedding my “hipster wedding,” since it’s the opposite of the traditional affair we’re having (and therefore, in my mind, hipster-y).  My fake wedding has some great characteristics:

It would definitely take place in a tent. In real life, that's too many vendor coordination headaches for me. But I do I love these late night tent shots, where the world looks distant and cold, except for the warmth coming from the wedding tent.

Besides, look how pretty and fresh a tent wedding looks if you do it in the daytime:
Love it! Source
I’d maybe have a brighter color scheme, and funky furniture, like these vintage elementary school chairs. They remind me of the outdoor seats at Spuyten Duyvil in Brooklyn, a cool spot where Mr. B and I overpay for beer:

I could include different flowers, like the popular craspedia (much too rustic for the wedding I am actually having):

For details, I’d display a banner of vintagey black and white pics of Mr. B and me:
(Actually, I think I will try to copy this for our engagement party! Would look cute hung around Mr. B's parents gazebo.)

Paper stuff could be awesome casual DIY, like this:

And we could have a chalk artist to paint something arty, or write our menu, on a gigantic chalkboard inside the tent. This too reminds me of something I'd see in a Brooklyn beer bar. Anyway, taking visual cues from a beer bar is certainly the opposite of elegant!
All of this is really cool, but none of it works for a 225+ person affair, taking place in a month where the average nighttime temp only hovers around 60. Our wedding, formal, beautiful, stylish, is the complete opposite of these pics, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But sometimes it is fun to make believe! And hey, I definitely have some great inspiration if I'm ever called to plan the best shower ever.

What things are you forgoing for your wedding, that you’d do if circumstances (or your personality!) were different?

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  1. Our venue...We were so limited on where we could have it because of the expense (living at the shore) and the size of the guest list. I had a choice between a hotel ballroom or a really outdated catering hall. So Hotel it is! Of course, I would love a rustic barn setting - but that's in my make-believe wedding!