Apr 10, 2011

Is it just me...

Or does it seem so many stores are suddenly starting online wedding shops? I don't know if I'm just paying attention more now that I got engaged, but it seems like every other day I'm getting email spam from various department stores, introducing their brand new wedding boutiques.

Like Bloomingdale's (who awesomely breaks down weddings into all the related events, from engagement parties to showers, and offers outfit options for all! Though the outfits don't exactly come cheap.)

Nordstrom's, which has loads of great jewelry and shoes:

Lord and Taylor:

Shopbop (a little too trendy/high fashion for my wedding, but fun to browse):

Not to mention all the other stores that offer bridal lines:
Saks Bridal Boutique
J.Crew Weddings
Kate Spade
The Limited
Ann Taylor
White House Black Market

Among many others, I'm sure! What new resources have you found for all your bridal fashion?

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