Apr 4, 2011

Say No to the Dress

Or, another  post with a bad pun for a title.

This past Friday, my mom and I went to Kleinfeld’s in NYC to continue the dress shopping search. I didn’t think I’d find a gown there, but I hoped the pro consultants could help me at least settle on a silhouette.  

Well, instead of solving my problem, they enhanced it, finding yet another awesome dress, in yet another completely different shape, and now I'm torn between even more dresses!

I’ll recap, as despite my continued confusion, the Kleinfeld’s experience was overall pretty good. I showed up for my appointment very early, and they took me immediately, giving me an extra 45 minutes. My consultant was Rita, an older woman with a heavy accent who’s not on the TV show. (Although, to my mom’s starstruck happiness, all of the TV consultants were working that day). Rita seemed to “get” my style pretty quickly, calling it “classic” and “elegant,” my two favorite descriptors. She showed me some great dresses, but I will note that she did definitely did not stay in my budget- almost every dress she showed us was practically double the budget (To be fair, we didn't correct her). 

Rita was heavy on the Pnina Tornai. This was one of the first dresses I tried on there:
Wayyy too much bling, although it doesn't look as crazy in the picture.

And this, which could be  would have to be custom made with a less slutty neckline:

Nice, but not my dress. It continued, Pnina after Pnina, as she was in the store for a trunk show (consultants must get an extra commission or something for selling during the show). I was getting a little tired of it, until Rita pulled out one perfect dress that I noticed she’d quietly kept for the end.

It was beautiful - a very slim trumpet, bubble hem, and made of a thick, rich silk satin that was artfully draped along the front. (No pics though, in case I buy!). It was just amazing.

“You’ve found your dress” Rita said. “Classic, elegant, perfect for your figure. This is a bride.”

I walked out to the center of the store, where Pnina herself came over to check it out and discuss some custom options. I got loads of compliments from the other consultants and brides in the shop, who agreed it was gorgeous. After dancing in the mirror awhile, I went back to the dressing room, where Rita dropped the bomb: The dress was over budget at $5,000, but I could get a grand off if I bought today, because of the trunk show. But the show was ending today, so it was now or never.

I freaked a little. I wasn’t ready to pick a dress! I loved, loved, loved the Pnina dress but couldn’t commit yet, and felt pressured by the discount. I had a Jim Hjelm in mind and I cried at the idea of picking another dress before I got to see the Jim again. My mom said it didn’t matter and she would rather pay full price and have me be sure (isn’t that nice?), but I couldn’t do that. I quickly turned into one of those blubbering girls you see on the TV show. I felt like someone was trying to take my beloved Jim Hjelm from me, and I was doubting myself, thinking maybe this person was an expert and I should listen and buy the dress.

Ultimately, I walked. I loved the dress but truly wasn't ready to buy. I needed to try my original two favorites on again. I walked out knowing that if I didn’t buy it today, I could never let myself buy it at full price.

Except that the receptionist caught me teary-eyed on my way out and let me know that the trunk show as actually going on until April 10. And Pnina would be in for more trunk shows in May, June, and July.  So I didn’t have to pick my dress that day! Just a skillful saleslady, working the pressure to take home her big commission.

So I’m still on those three dresses, definitely considering the Pnina, but now I know I don’t have to rush my decision, which is a good feeling.  I am really glad I trusted my gut!

**To clarify- I am probably making Kleinfeld’s sound pushy and horrible, when in reality they were just doing their job- selling. The consultants were nice, and knew what worked on my body and with my style.  I’m just sharing my story to tell anyone else who goes to keep a clear head and not give in to any pressure to buy- it’s your wedding dress! Be sure about it!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog on the April weddingbee post and I am glad I did. I'm following now and looking forward to reading more. It sounds like you are going to pick a beautiful dress... that was well thought out and loved! I'm excited to see the final pick at the end of your journey.