Mar 7, 2012

An Awesome Calligraphy Discovery

I am picky about how things look, and my wedding invitations are no exception. So the idea of computer printing the envelopes, or, God forbid, hand writing them myself, is horrifying. (Well it wouldn't be horrifying if I could do calligraphy. But I can barely even print legibly).

However, I am not a bride on an unlimited budget, which means paying $4.00 an envelope for calligraphy wasn't going to happen.

And that's why I'm grateful to have discovered Carmela Mazzarulli, a South Jersey based calligrapher with a huge amount of talent and an affordable price tag. She charges $1 total for BOTH inner and outer envelopes! Combined! Carmela was also really sweet. I'm sooo happy for this discovery. Silly as it may be, calligraphy matters to me, and I love hers.

Check out some of her font styles (All pics are from Carmela, via email):

Spoiler alert, Mr. B and I chose Formal Script (second image) for our invites.

Carmela is also doing our table numbers and placecards, and can create signs and other custom work. She doesn't have a website, but you can email her at . And you can check out some reviews and additional pictures at Project Wedding.

Carmela is based in southern New Jersey, but I believe accepts work from all over, you'd just have to ship your invites (which may or may not offset the low price).
We'll be picking our envelopes up at the end of March, and I can't wait to share them (and the invites) with you guys!


  1. What a great find! I'm glad you blogged about your calligrapher to get her name out there! The fact that she only charges $1 is a major score! Wonderful

  2. Awesome find! I wanted to hire a calligrapher but just couldn't get past the high cost, and since my handwriting is atrocious, I God forbid printed the names on the inner and outter envelopes on the printer. I know, it is my one regret but I just couldn't fathom spending the money on a calligrapher. Your's will turn out great!