Mar 5, 2012

Pearl Patrol

MY DRESS IS IN!!! Nine months after ordering, it's finally here and I am SO excited. I get to try it on in two weeks and I really feel almost physically sick with excitement. I love that dress so much.

Of course, this means I can no longer put off my search for bridal accessories. I've got the shoes and underwear, but still need jewelry. I'm definitely wearing pearls, because I am obsessed with them. Observe my little corkboard of favorite jewelry, this is only part of the collection:

Unfortunately, out of six strands there and more in another closet, nothing works for the wedding day. So now I'm on the hunt for more. I'm looking for a big statement necklace, and recently discovered Miriam Haskell jewelry, which has a lot of great, if somewhat expensive, options.  I'm loving this one:

Haskells' return policy makes me nervous (you pay a 15% restocking fee, which, when the necklaces are near $300, can get high) so I"m considering maybe hitting up Rent the Runway for this bad boy:

Only issue with that is, what if I get the necklace on the day of and it doesn't work?

This four strand by J.Crew is beautiful but I'm not sure if it will be too long for the neckline of my dress. It's hard to judge because it's not like I can carry my dress with me when I shop! This one is also a bit pricey:

From J.Crew

I keep thinking I should be able to find pearls cheaper, but a scan of JC Penney and Macy's turned up no luck. It's seriously amazing how I can turn something as simple as buying a pearl necklace into a huge project.

At least I'm covered with the earrings and bracelet- I'll be wearing a plain pair of small pearl studs from my uncle Paul, and a bracelet Mr. B got me from J.Crew for Christmas.

What are you guys doing for wedding day accessories?


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    1. No that didn't occur to me actually...not sure why lol, I use Etsy for plenty of other stuff!

  2. My mom works for a pearl company
    They have this choker She set up a 20% discount for me to use on my blog so if you use BRIDE at checkout you can save 20% on anything. I actually have that necklace because my sister gave them to all of her bridesmaids to wear in her wedding and I love it!

    I do really love that J crew one too. I also have a really long strand of pearls from moon river that I wrap around my neck three times.

    1. Thanks! I am definitely going to check that out, appreciate you sharing it with me!