Mar 12, 2012

Gifts for the Girls

Even though I've had 15 months to think about it, I have not been able to come up with any wildly creative and awesome ideas for bridesmaid gifts.
I know I'm definitely doing a "survival kit," that will contain a jumble of Advil, Pepto, gum, fashion tape, shoe cushions, and a bottle of wine. Something like this:
This picture is by Mrs. Lace on Weddingbee, and I definitely plan to do a riff on her cute packaging too- love it!

But for the "meat" of the gift, I'm a little undecided.
My current frontrunner is monogrammed robes:
From Etsy seller Oak Embroidery Loft

I would love to receive this as a BM, and I think we would look cute taking the getting-ready pictures in matching robes. But I'm not sure if this might be a smidge boring to people.

Going with the monogram vein, I considered monogrammed blankets as well:
From Etsy seller Ezembroidery

I'm also thinking about clutches. Not a wedding day clutch to match the dress, but just a regular bag for going out, something they could wear with jeans and heels on a date with their guys. It would be fun to pick out a bag to suit each girl's personality.  I know BM Laura would love the one below:

I'm just not sure if a clutch they'll use for one or two seasons is that great of a gift- maybe it's more appropriate for a birthday.

My last idea is a little offbeat, but it is gift certificates to The Fragrance Shop, a make your own perfume store in NYC. It costs $10 for the formula, and $36 to get a 1 oz bottle of perfume made. If you didn't want perfume, you could make home fragrance, bath salts, lotion, etc.

My hesitation with that is I am not sure if it's the kind of thing that people will think is cool but never wind up using. The bulk of my girls live within a 20 minute train ride to the city, but that doesn't mean they necessarily get in there a lot. It's a cool idea, but I don't want to saddle them with a day of travelling or have it go to waste.

So what would you guys like to receive? Or, anyone have better ideas? What are you getting your girls?


  1. I got my girls a bunch of things. A clutch, a pair of cute sandals when they want to kick off the heels, a pashmina, a gold monogrammed bracelet, their wedding day accessories (necklace and earrings), shoe and jewlery satchels, a fun bag to put everything in and a whole bunch of other fun odds and ends.

  2. Oh man that'sa great gift! I only set a budget of $50 now I'm feeling like thats not enough. Does it count if I'm paying for hair/hotel?