Feb 13, 2011

Choosing a Photographer, Part 2

I am unexpectedly agonizing over the decision of a photographer.  It seems that everyone has OMGsqueeeLOVE feelings about their photographer- people don’t  simply discuss their photographer, they get all high-pitched -million-exclamation points about it: “Omg, we used so-and-so and they were AWESOME! Seriously I am IN LOVE with them! Ahh!”  

Photos like this are cool (Source)

Of course, I’m not feeling the OMG with anyone. (Well except the biotch I blogged about in my last post. But maybe that’s because I can’t have her).  I’m agonizing, because I feel like I should feel some kind of hyperexcessive love for whoever I pick, but no one is sparking that in me, and I’m really sick of looking. All the people I’ve seen would take good pictures. They are snapshot photographers, they will get some detail shots, some journalistic shots, and they will capture the occasion. I’m not looking for the hipster, vintage-edit pastel washed photos, I’m not looking for anything too wild, so you know what? I’m not looking anymore.  We’ve met with some very talented people, and it is okay for me to feel that there are many photographers who could do a good job. I do not have to be in love with one singular person.

This is cool too, capturing the raw emotion. (Source)

 And I love this cool way to pose the bridal party (Source). And these are all differnet photographers- see? lots of people are good!

So now it’s just about narrowing down from four people. Unfortunately, with no strong gut feelings, and fairly equal stats, it’s pretty hard. All the photographers are around the same price, and all the pros and cons kind of even out- one photographer is located far away (I don’t know why, but this makes me lose my shit with anxiety even though people routinely fly photographers in from all over the country) but had my favorite proofs, others put together the best albums but outside of the album shots, there weren’t many great photos (as an avid scrapbooker/collage maker, I need mucho good photos, not just enough for an album). I think a good old fashioned pro and con list is in order here, so I’m going to get on that, and hopefully have some kind of decision for the next post!

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