Feb 14, 2011

Our Proposal Story

My proposal did not really come as a total surprise.  Mr. B had told me it would happen by a certain date, and we had gotten down to the last weekend before that date. Really, it was just a matter of it happening Friday or Saturday. And I was okay with that- I'm too much of a control freak to not have some idea what's going on! 

Tuesday of the proposal week, Mr. B told me our favorite local restaurant was running a special 3 course prix fixe menu. Knowing I was a sucker for such things, he thought we should check it out.  In all honesty, it didn’t occur to me he might propose at dinner. I figured a restaurant proposal was way too obvious, and he probably just wanted to go out.  It's not a fancy place anyway. But just in case, I took extra care getting ready Friday night- one thing I had always told him was that however he proposes, the cover story better convince me to dress up! In fact, I had picked out 3 different outfits to wear each night of the weekend, so that no matter when he did it, I'd be looking good in all the pictures we'd take!

I was getting ready when he came over to pick me up (in fact, I was wearing the hot look of black tights with a cardigan- who needs pants?). He seemed a little antsy, but I figured watching me meticulously apply mascara wasn't anyone's idea of a good time. When I was finally ready, I walked into my bedroom, where he was sitting on the computer.

"I printed out the menu for you" he said.

"Oh good! I kept meaning to look it up." Side note: I have an obsession with menus. I read them for fun sometimes when I'm bored at work (yes, it's weird) and I always have to check the menu before we go out to dinner, so I know what I'm in for (Like I said, not good with surprises!)

Only instead of handing me a computer printout of the restaurant menu, he handed me this one:

Personal Photo

It's the story of our relationship in menu format- "Appetizers" tells some stories from the beginning, "First Course" from a little later, etc. And "Dessert" was the "ice-ing on the cake"- aka my ring!! It was so cute- it was even laminated!! As I was reading the menu, he got down on one knee and presented me with the ring. We were so excited that he actually forgot to ask me to marry him until a few minutes afterward! I was surprised at my reaction- I thought I would cry, or freak out, but I just felt very calm and happy.

I ran downstairs to show my parents (even though I knew they already knew all about it, since he'd asked their permission months ago), and my dad snapped this great shot of us. I love how excited we look.

Personal Photo

After jumping up and down with my parents, he took me to the restaurant (and remembered to get my favorite wine), and I spend the majority of dinner staring at the sparkly new addition to my left hand.

When we got back to my house, I walked in the door only to be greeted by our families and some of our best friends! My mom had laid out an awesome spread, with all my favorite things (cheese platters and trays of olives, mmm), and everyone toasted us with champagne, which I may have slightly overindulged in.

Us with future groomsman Josh, MOH Jenn, and her fiance Matt

It was the most wonderful proposal I could have ever imagined, combining all the elements of a good one: something thoughtful and personal that could only work for me (the menu), a dinner date at our restaurant (dinner dates are my favorite kind, I love food), and a continued surprise celebration at my house, with everyone I love! AND a great new piece of jewelry- the exact Tacori setting I had wanted for years!!

Nice cuticles

But the best part about it is seeing that it makes him just as happy as it makes me! 

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