Feb 21, 2011

The A Team: Our Photographer!

The search is finally over!! We've booked Spark Photography out of Philadelphia, also known as choice 3 on my little pro and con sheet.  Spark is a husband and wife team with lots of photography experience, a great eye for detail, and many years of being a Knot pick.

So clearly, the choice was not an instinctual, one-look-and-I-just-knew type of thing. But I debated over choosing a photographer for a few weeks, and slowly the other ones started to fall away.  Spark had all the best qualities that we were looking for, from my favorite proofs, to the husband and wife team capturing two distinct perspectives, to their willingness to negotiate a great custom package for us. Plus, Kevin was easily the nicest vendor we met- I'm thinking when you get out of the NYC area, the kindness of people surprises you!

It became clear that my only worries about them were sort of illogical, who-knows type of things, and not legitimate cons. So once I realized that, I saw there were no cons about going with Spark. I’m so excited about it now- every time I look at their page I get more and more excited for our pictures! Here’s a few of my faves:

A fun action shot:

 Love the detail shots:

 They know how to work cool lighting:

 Can capture lots of great emotion:

And I just love this one- maybe I'm biased since I'm doing beach e-pics:
All pictures are from the Spark website

*Yes, I am corny enough to refer to our vendors as the A team. Expect to see more of these!

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