Jul 11, 2011

Americana Inspiration

At seven months into my engagement, I've made my big vendor decisions, finalized my colors and overall look, but it's still too soon to do the real detail work of bringing it to life. This, coupled with my new job and upcoming move (which I think I may have mentioned a few thousand times), means my wedding planning is in a bit of a lull for now.

So since I don't have much of my own work to share, I've decided to post some of my favorite inspiration boards randomly in themed posts over the next few weeks. It's too late for me to be changing these kinds of things (and I don't want to anyway!), but maybe I can share something that might work for someone out there. And besides, great inspiration can be appropriated for things other than weddings.  I am definitely seeing ways to work these kooky cute ideas into regular life.

I'll start with a few of my favorites that have sort of a vintage, Americana theme going on:

Kitschy Key West by Snippet & Ink

I just love the happy, sun-bleached shades here. It seems like something a casual, fun-loving couple would have for their destination wedding. It's a slightly different take on all the retro/vintage things out there, and while it's definitely kitschy, it manages to avoid being too theme-y.

Juliet by 100 Layer Cake
I have to admit that though I find this way too cartoonish for a wedding, I am still somehow really drawn to this board. I love the unexpected and bold color combo, and the way it really strongly evokes an emotion of 40s postwar travel and excitement. I'd love to adapt this theme for a 4th of July party.
(Also, I should admit that I scoured Ebay attempting to find and purchase my own copy of those bright blue aircraft prints. No luck unfortunately.)

Faded Blue Nautical by Snippet and Ink
I am completely obsessed with the nautical New England vibe of this board. It makes me wish my family wore J. Crew and went crabbing during our summers on the Cape (we don't have classy summers on a cape, we have sausage and peppers in our backyard near the Jersey shore). I love the relaxing, Atlantic, all-American look here, and the way the navy pops against the white, gray, and natural tones. I can't use this palette for my wedding, but I earmarked it for my future home. I hope Mr. B is prepared for my intense coastal decorating ideas, because this is too awesome to waste!.

Have you been able to use wedding inspiration for something non-wedding related?

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  1. I'm at that lull point too and I wish it would end soon because I really feel like I should be doing something! I'm loving all the nautical stuff too..especially since I am a true New England girl!!