Jul 13, 2011

For the Boys

Mr. B and our groomsmen are rabidly into music. Collectively, they play the guitar, bass,  piano, drums,  melodica, and harmonica. They’ve had some incarnation of a band since before they were old enough to drive, and I used to love to go follow them around to clubs to watch.

Just getting started, rehearsing in Ben's garage- ps the date on this photo is not right! This was early 2000s, before I met any of them!
The most recent incarnation, playing in the East Village. That's Mr. B front and center!

Now that we’re a little older and all working fulltime, the band is defunct, but they’re intensely devoted to their favorite musicians, who mainly include Weezer*, Ozma**, Tally Hall, and Pearl Jam. The boys travel all over to see their respective favorites, from flying to Wisconsin for PJ to camping out in line in NYC to see Weezer or Ben Folds play shows three days in a row. I think I personally have been dragged to at least four Weezer shows in the past year alone, and now there’s rumors of, God help me, even more of them. 

The other day, Mr. B mentioned he wanted to wear an Ozma pin on his wedding tux.  I loved the idea, and it hit me that we could attach the pin to the boutionnieres!  I think it would make them a little more original, while showcasing a lot of Mr. B and the boys’ rocker personalities.

Unfortunately, Ozma pins don't exist, since they were never a huge band. But a few years back, I bought a set of Weezer pins that Mr. B, GM Ben, and I wore on our bags. I still have some, so I figured we could use those, and then maybe get some PJ ones for GMs Josh and Phil. Of course, this leaves out our two brothers, both of whom aren’t super into music, and definitely aren’t into Weezer. But maybe they can represent Brad by wearing the Weezer pins anyway, or maybe the Based God has pins.

One of the pins clipped to my bag

Anyway, here is a rudimentary Photoshop mockup of what I’m thinking:

I think my mom thinks this is trashy but I am completely obsessed with the idea. It's not even that noticeable. Also, I’ve yet to see it on a wedding blog, which makes me feel like I invented something cool. I can’t wait to see if our florist can make this happen!  I know the boys will really love this!

*I realize I'm yapping on about their great taste in music and Weezer has some of the worst music out there- that's only their new stuff! The stuff from the 90s is really what we like to hear.
**Listen to them.


  1. I think it's great and gives it a personal touch for the groom!

  2. Adorable. I love creative groom accessories --my fiance wants 1UP mushroom cufflinks, and who am I to deny him?

  3. Thanks, I thought it was cool too! And I love the mushroom cufflink idea