Jul 26, 2011

I Love Mr. B

Lately, as we get going on our lives together, I am extremely aware of how lucky I am to have someone like Mr. B in my life, and I’ve been feeling more appreciative than ever.

I am grateful for the way Mr. B indulges me in the things I like to do. Even though he is happiest at home on the couch with his guitar and his dog, he's always up for anything I suggest. He could care less about food but takes me to every foodie place that I 'need' to check out. He rides shotgun when the mood to drive around the shore towns strikes, and he follows me as I snap away with the camera, attempting to document my beloved Jersey Shore. He comes for beach trips in the middle of January, he lights up the firepit during a July heatwave because I want to sit outside and drink beer. And he always remembers to buy my favorite cheese for a fireside snack. But best of all he has fun doing it, because we're together.
  One of those wintertime beach trips

Sometimes I'm not good enough about showing him the same courtesy, when I complain that I can't deal with another Wilco/Hard Lessons/Tally Hall concert, or find myself in a cranky mood because I'm not feeling what we have planned for the night. Mr. B is so even-keeled, always happy, always relaxed, rarely worried, and I think that's one of my favorite things about him. We gravitate towards our opposites, and my mood is constantly flipping between psychotically happy, crazy anxious, or just plain tired. I am an eternal worrier, and I need my other half to fill in this gap, to teach me how to relax, to calm my  nerves and to balance me out. My dad told me the secret to a happy marriage is to put the other person's needs above your own, and for them to do the same (and my parents have been married a looong time!), and Mr. B just does that naturally.

 Putting up with my shenanigans...clearly this is the psycho happy variety

Sometimes it is his actions and the things he doesn't say- when he knows I want something and he doesn't and he just keeps his mouth shut and lets me be. Or the way he's learned and acts on little things about me, like the fact that I NEED to eat breakfast first thing in the morning or I will go crazy.  Or when I just need to rant and rant about something awesome I’ve read/discovered/decided (Boy, I'm really a catch aren't I!) Once he even surprised me, out of nowhere, with Bruce Springsteen tickets!

I love so many other things about Mr. B. He's been a great partner so far in setting up our apartment. I love how we have kind of naturally and evenly divided the work. I'm really thankful he has an awesome job, works hard, and does well (On that note, I am grateful for the career decisions he didn't go through with too).I'm lucky to have found someone who knows me inside and out, who doesn't blink at things I do or say that I cringe over later, someone who is the only person I can tell everything to, someone who I can sit on the couch with and talk to for hours before we even realize we forgot to put the TV on.

I love that he has his own hobbies, playing in a band and on a softball team, and that he understands my need for space and gives me my time to read or shop or see the girls.  I love that he knows when to listen to me vent and when to be constructive, and I love the hilarious emails he sends me every morning that are the first thing I see when I check my email at work.

I could go on and on, but we’d be here for days, so you guys tell me: What kicks ass about your fiances?

Love you!

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