Jul 18, 2011

Fall Inspiration

Today's post is very indirectly in honor of BM Kelly, who got engaged last Wednesday night! Kelly has always been an amazing friend to me, and especially has been during my engagement. Despite really wanting to be engaged herself (and feeling nowhere near it), she was always incredibly supportive of everything, wanting to talk weddings for hours,  being involved, and showering me with thoughtful gifts. It definitely can be hard to find girls who can put aside their own feelings and completely support you in your happiness, and I am so, so glad to see her engaged now too! Her boyfriend totally took her (and everyone else!) by major surprise. Anyway, since she hopes for a fall of 2013 wedding, I thought I'd share some fall inspiration boards today!

For September:

Love this unusual blend of colors: fall-appropriate orange and gold mixed with pastels. It’s the perfect Indian summer vibe for a September affair.

For October: A New, Darker Brown

A fall wedding always conjures up images of browns and gold but I love the intense chocolate that adds drama to this board.  Plus, your bridesmaids will thank you- everyone looks good in an espresso shade!

For November: Dark and Fall-y

Frida Kahlo aside, this is a pretty cool board. The bold, rich color combo works great for a late November wedding.

Plus I'm seeing lots of fall stationary inspiration. This menu card and centerpiece set up would be perfect with the plum tones on the Dark and Fall-y board:

The picture below spawned an obsession with having a November wedding (vetoed by my groom  and our moms). It also started my love of cardboard colored paper, as seen in my BM cards and engagement party invites. 

Warm colors and rustic Pottery Barn style touches? Yeah, I'm in love!

Fall is my favorite season, so it’s no surprise that I have a soft spot for all things autumn when it comes to wedding planning. What’s your favorite seasonal wedding theme?

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  1. OOO I am loving the plum and amber colors together. Fall colors will be so fun for her. What a great friend you have and she finally got her wish too!! YAY!