Aug 8, 2011

Giving Up My Morals for a Photo Op

I always planned to skip the bouquet toss. As a wedding guest, I hate awkwardly running out on the floor, pretending like I care, or getting shoved out there if I try to hang back and skip the whole deal. And as the bride, I feel like there's something sort of demeaning about making your single friends desperately clamber all over each other like they just can't wait to get married. It’s a little unbecoming.

But, um. My venue has a Juliet balcony:

And I LOVE the idea of getting to stand up there and throw the bouquet. Just look at these pics (both actually are at my venue)

So without a second of hesitation, the bouquet toss is now in. I will totally admit I completely backed away from what I still think has a cheesy meaning just to get a picture op. Hopefully the ladies at my wedding don't have the same feelings I did (do?) on the bouquet toss. Because this balcony thing is so happening!

(And hey, it’s not like I’m asking my MOH to give her speech up there!)

What did you say you'd never do, then promptly changed your mind on?


  1. lol this is so funny. I would do the same thing for the photo op! I don't have too many single friends so I won't be having one. Even if my venue had a cool balcony. I would probably do a kiss or something from up there though!

  2. OH yea, I am not doing the bouquet toss either at mine but if my venue offered a balcony like that, I TOTALLY would!!!

  3. I would have made the same choice! I cannot WAIT to see photos of this!

  4. Oooh snap. I would have changed my mind too, if I had a sweet feature like that at my venue!

    I totally buckled on my "no staircase portraits" rule when I saw what some really great photographers are doing with staircase photos nowadays -- no more cheesy groom-waiting-at-the-bottom-with-oustretched-hand stuff! Now I'm all about it! Oh how the tides can change :P

  5. Glad to see you guys back me up!
    @LibrarianBride: I like the staircase thing! We have a staircase in our venue too and I think we'll attempt to get some noncorny photos out of it

  6. omg if you have a balcony then yes, you MUST do the toss from there that is so neat! I would have made the exact same decision. I actually had not planned on doing the bouquet toss until literally during my cocktail hour. So many of my bridesmaids and friends were saying "you have to do it!" and said that they wanted to try and catch it so I found our banquet manager and told him before the reception that I was in fact, going to do it!

  7. Yes! You HAVE to do the toss if you have that amazing balcony!! We probably won't be doing the toss, but yea.. we don't have a shnazzy photo op for it, lol.