Aug 24, 2011

Bridesmaid Dresses Begin...

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the bridesmaids' dresses. For years (literally), I  envisioned the girls in the champagne colored Bow Monde, from J. Crew:


But we all know how these things go, right? I'm no longer in love with the Bow Monde anymore. I still really like it, but I can't justify making my friends spend $250 on a short dress, particularly when so many other awesome designers exist at lower price points.

Like my beloved Jim Hjelm:

I'm really, really feeling these two dresses, and the color is perfect- a dark enough gold to work on everyone's skin tone. Plus, I bet the girls would feel a little sassier and less bridesmaid-y in a short look.

That said, we are having a black tie optional wedding, so there is a part of me that's thinking I should at least consider long dresses. (That's the part that listens to my mom repeating over and over that the girls should go long!) Long dresses definitely up the fancy factor, and I really love the slim, elegant silhouette they provide. Some of my favorites:

My favorite is the Lazaro in the middle, but it doesn't come in gold, only ivory, which I'm actually not opposed to doing. I've loved the idea of the bridesmaids in a shade similar to white since Charlotte married Trey on SATC, and Kate Middleton and her royal wedding only confirmed it.

So now I just need to get my girls together for some shopping, which is where you guys come in: I want to know, did you take everyone, or did you choose a style with one or two girls and tell the others what to do?  I'm trying to keep this as stress free as possible, but I don't want people to feel left out!


  1. I chose the designer (Alfred Angelo) and the color (Tealness) and am letting the girls pick what they want. I have BMs that are in other states, so they can go by themselves or with me. I'm letting them pick the dress they want - but they have to agree - all short, or all long. No mixing lengths.

  2. Me and all the gals went to gether, they tried on what they liked and gave their opinions. I made the final decsion with their help of course. I chose the designer suri and a navy color for them. The dresses were a little over the 200 mark but it seems all bridesmaid dresses are these days. I really didn't want them to spend that much but thats how it ended up playing out. I do love that JCrew dress though!

  3. I have three bridesmaids, and two of them were able to come with me to shop. I already knew I wanted a shorter dress, and wanted it in a dark purple/plum - so the girls went to town at the two stores we went to! They ended up falling in LOVE with a Bill Levkoff dress (672) and could not stop gushing about how awesome they felt wearing it, and how they couldn't wait to wear it again! When I heard those magic words, the dress was picked! I'd recommend going in smaller groups - it's easier to please a couple of people at a time, rather than pleasing everyone at the same time! :) Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I think the smaller groups idea is probably best, and I will definitely be picking the color, although I want their input on styles!

  5. I was only able to go with 2 of my 6's sooo hard to coordinate with everyone...don't worry about having everyone there.