Aug 10, 2011

STDs: I'm So Lazy

I'm surprised at myself, but I can't get interested in save the dates. I never thought I could lose enthusiasm for something like this, but here I am, doing another 180 on my previous convictions, shamefully admitting that I'm just not on the ball with STDs. 

We have a few invite suite ideas in mind, so we've decided our STDs will be a simple, classic card that would coordinate with any of them. (I'm completely obsessed with everything coordinating. It's so classy!). We’re thinking something like this, except in all black font:

But taking the lazy way out means that I had to give up my favorite idea: save-the-date stickers, for guests' calendars! Functional and cute. 

 (Mine would definitely have a much plainer, elegant look, but you get the idea).

I gave this up since you can't just put a sticker in an envelope and expect people to get it.  We'd have to design a little card with our date and an explanation ("Put me on your calendar!"), complete with slits cut in the card to attach the sticker. That's just too much graphic design and formatting for me, I had enough of that with the e-party invites! But should you be more of a champion bride than me, feel free to take over the idea, if you like it.

Here's some sticker sites options to get you started:

With pre-made designs or the option to upload custom work, this site offers sheets of 24 stickers starting at $3.99 per sheet. Not bad, considering you'd barely hit $50 if you ordered 100. Costs increase, of course, based on number of colors, paper quality, etc.   

Same deal as Vista, but more shapes and the ability to get your stamps too, though they have a very slightly higher price tag. 

My top choice, since they do stickers in bulk rolls of 500 (for only $125!) I like the bulk idea so the stickers could reappear in other wedding elements, like OOT bags or to seal thank you card envelopes (like I said earlier, I love when stuff coordinates!). (Also I guess then you couldn't actually write "Save the Date," you'd have to just put your names and the date and let the card say "STD").

Anyone else give up a good idea because they just didn't feel like working on it?

**As an FYI, these prices are all estimates- obviously it depends on many design factors. I also have not actually USED any of these sites, so I can't vouch for quality, just sharing some research I did on an idea I loved but had to discard.


  1. You sound like me with invitations..I have no desire to get started looking for them..I am dreading it!! I do love that STD though..very classy and elegant..its perfect.

  2. I also dont want to do our Save the Dates lol I am pretty sure we are just going to vistaprint post cards (and a premade one at that lol) But I love the idea of a sticker and I just might have to "borrow" that idea!

  3. I totally hear you on the STD front. I was SO excited to do them like a year ago, and now that I actually need to get them done? I keep delaying, being lazy, not wanting to, not liking anything, etc and so forth. But I totally love your simple and elegant design choice up top!! Matching is always fun, and there's definitely beauty in the simplistic. Gets the point across efficiently and in style!

  4. ha ha ha, how funny that I just wrote about STD stickers!