Nov 29, 2011

Bridesmaid Reveal

We finally have bridesmaids dresses! After a uanimous decision by my five bridesmaids, we went with the Alvina Valenta 9866:

 Oh, you mean you can't tell anything by looking at this ridiculous pose? Try this: 

The girls really looked beautiful in this dress. Since they're all attractive and the dress is fairly straightforward, I assumed they'd look good, but my expectations were exceeded when I actually saw all of them in it. It looked great!

We ordered it in taupe satin-faced taffeta, which is the color seen here (this the dress we ordered for Toni, my junior BM):

Admittedly, I've got the heebie jeebies with the color. We saw it in person, but on a very 90s-style dress, which threw me off. And it looks super light in that pic, although when I had it next to a wedding gown in the store it looked fine. I think I am just getting a little nervous signing off on something when I haven't really seen the whole picture. I mean, you don't normally buy clothes by picking a style and color and never seeing the whole thing together!

Regardless, I'm so happy to have this task done! Plus it makes me love the girls even more- they all were able to take time out of their crazy schedules on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to meet up, and we all went out to lunch after and had a great day. Most of them knew each other already, but it was great to see everyone getting along and having fun, and it definitely makes me even more excited for all of the other events we'll spend together in and around the wedding!


  1. Oh my gosh what beautiful dresses! Great choice! I know what you mean about feeling weird signing off on something before you've seen te whole picture. Only two of my girls actually got to try on the dress we chose, and it was way too big on both of them. And of course in a completely opposite color than what we chose. All we can do is cross of fingers and hope it turns out right!

  2. Yay! The dresses are going to be gorgeous. I had buyers remorse too once I made the final decision but once I saw them on the girls when they received them, they were beautiful. Yours will be too!

  3. What a great choice! The dresses are lovely!

  4. I love that dress and that color is beautiful. I am a new follower of your blog. Come check out my blog over at