Jan 19, 2012


You may have noticed I'm not the trendiest of brides. I go for simple and classic, steering away from those mason jar wildflower weddings that are so popular now. 

Although there is one element of those that I love, and it's bunting. This is bunting, in case you are not familiar with it (and if you're not, you must not spend a lot of time on wedding websites!):

It's basically a really festive and cute banner. Unfortunately, it's all sorts of inappropriate for my formal wedding, so I'm hunting down some other options.

Like this glitzy Just Married deal:

Or maybe I should skip a banner altogether, and come up with some type of fancy sign. This one definitely fits our wedding:

 This one's cute too, but I think probably everyone knows I'm the bride:

I'm also really drawn to this, but that's probably because it's surrounded by fluffy white flowers and gold candelabras, two features of our floral design:

So that's where the DIY section of my brain is hanging out lately, attempting to figure out a way to turn goofy bunting into something elegant and classic.

Did you guys use bunting and/or Mr./Mrs signs? Share some pics!


  1. I made my own "Mr and Mrs" sign that was put on our cake table and a "thank you" banner that put near our card box. I think these are cute and simple little details that really add to a wedding so go for it!

  2. I like the fancy glittery bunted sign. I am a bandwagon gal myself. We're doing the rustic country look which includes mason jars. I'm trying to chic everything up though. The rustic theme is perfect for our outdoor rural wedding.