Jan 5, 2012

In Search of a Veil

To me, the veil is what really makes the bridal look, and I can't wait to wear one. Unsurprisingly, I'm incredibly picky about what type of veil I want. I hate veils that are really long, and I hate drop veils. I hate lace on the edges, and I hate retro-y, birdcage style veils. I mean, all of these are perfectly nice and appropriate with certain style weddings, but they're not me.

According to me, the perfect veil is:

Petite fingertip length:

Extra full:

Edged in satin:

Angled sides:

And definitely with a blusher.

So armed with that nitpicky list, I'm going to start my shopping soon.

Were you guys really picky about any specific detail of your outfit?

(all pictures from veilshop.com


  1. I agree the veil is a must. Good luck on your search! I still need a veil as well...

  2. I am very picky and still don't have one yet! I like the edged in satin and I only want one layter on mine. But I hope to borrow one from my Best friend and bridesmaid as my something borrowed. She is bringing it this weekend to my bachy party and I'm going to bring to my first fitting! I can't wait to try it on!

  3. Very pretty! I feel like so many people are going veil-less, and that makes me sad.