Jan 10, 2012

Not With This Ring

My engagement ring is pretty. Please hold for some gratuitous Instagrammed ring porn:


Unfortunately, the wedding band that matches my ring boasts some odd architectural features that make it pretty weird looking:

I have no idea what Tacori was thinking with that odd shelf like design (and no, I don't have the band on upside down- it looks like the diamond would sit in that concave spot, but it doesn't). 

I'm kind of relieved that I hate it. Paying for the Tacori name would probably bump us over our budget, and we'd have to send my e-ring away to California for a month to have the band made to match it exactly. 

And now, I can have what I always secretly wanted: A shared setting half-eternity:

I felt guilty not wanting the matching band, but after seeing how ugly/expensive/annoying getting the "right" band is, I feel no such qualms. I love how classic this band is - equally perfect with my wedding dress or a white tee and jeans. I will wear the two on separate hands.

So we've found a jeweler to use, and we just need to make some budget decisions and figure how big Mr. B will let me we can go.

Anyone else picking a wedding band that totally doesn't go with their engagement ring?


  1. Love that ring, and I can see why you are not over the moon about your matching wedding band. I keep trying my bands on with my ring and I just want to wear them NOW! Its so hard to have them and not be able to wear the extra bling bling around.

  2. I like your alternative choice - the matching band, eek... It looks like it would get caught in everything!
    My band isn't a set with the engagement ring - I am not a big jewelry girl though, so I may just wear the band alone (it looks kinda like yours) so pretty!