Jan 24, 2012

Plain Cake

I live near a famous television bakery and every time I pass the place, the line is wrapped six ways around the block with fans trying to get a glimpse of the over-the-top wedding cakes.

So I kind of feel like I'm betraying my neighborhood when I think about what I want for my cake. I like something (wait, get ready, this is going to be shocking) simple and classic, in white and gold.

The first cake I saw and liked was this very simple one, with a band of gold fondant:

Unfortunately, our venue also charges $50 extra for the use of a shimmery fondant ribbon, and I am determined not to spend a dime extra on the cake. Plus, this is maybe a little boring.

I really like the below cake, for its simplicity, giant icing peonies, and the pearl-like dots at the bottom. It would fit in perfectly with our lace and pearls theme! 

But that might be a little too plain, even for boring ol' me. I like this jazzed up option as well:

The pearl effect is so pretty.

So I'll bring these photos to our caterer soon and see what designs they come up with.

Oh okay, and let's address cake toppers. I feel like brides usually fall into a few camps: cute animals/birds, personalized Etsy creations, small wooden people, flowers, or vintage toppers.

We're vintage, borrowing a topper from Mr. B's parents that looks similar to this one:

What's your cake and topper look like? 


  1. I think simpler looks very elegant!

  2. I also agree that simple is very elegant. I also am very much in love with that topper :)