Jan 16, 2012

Program Planning

Mr. B and I are in the process of planning our ceremony, and it's got me thinking a lot about programs. I really want to create something useful and elegant, even though I know 90% of the guests will leave them on their chairs after the ceremony. 

To avoid the black hole of craziness that I hear occurs in the month before the wedding, I'm compiling my program inspiration and brainstorming the project now. I'll share the progress with you guys in the hopes that maybe it helps with your own program design.
I know there's lots of cool programs out there, from fans, to trifolds, to those little origami fortune tellers we all used to make in fourth grade, but I'm into square booklets, like below:

There's so many ways to make these look elegant and beautiful, from messing around with cool font layouts:

To fancy ribbons to bind the booklet together:

I ordered some sample folded cards from Cards and Pockets, and loved the quality and color, so that's the cover stock game plan. Turns out C&P also prints, and provided it's not prohibitively expensive, I'll have them print the cover too. I'm all about convenience. 

I don't have to tell you that I'm obsessively debating between these two near-identical colors, right?
(Personal Pic)

For the inside, I'm using Mrs. Corn's incredibly helpful template, adjusting her margins to match my 6 x 6 folded cards. I plan to print on resume paper, to give the inside of the booklet a nice heft and a classier appearance over normal printer paper. 

And I'm also brainstorming the content, right now planning to include:
  • Order of ceremony
  • List of ceremony participants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc)
  • Explanation of traditions, since it's an interfaith crowd
  • Secular love quote (unless I can break down Mr. B, in which case I'm totally using this awesome quote from CS Lewis, a recent favorite author).
  • Thank you to guests and parents
  • A line remembering our deceased grandparents
So that's the start of the program project! What did you guys do for yours, and what kind of content did you include?


  1. Thanks this post was incredibly helpful. We were just talking about how we were going to make out programs and this have me a good direction to start in. I like the idea of having them print the cover but them printing the inside yourself. I hope they turn out great!

  2. My programs were like one of the first things I did. I literally stole the same template my sister used and just changed some things around. They are similar to your first picture..I had fun with them!