Apr 10, 2012

Floral Look

So I haven't shared something with you, mostly because it's not the hugest deal in the world, but Mr. B and I decided to switch florists a little while back. When we booked ours I was really excited about it, but over time we had a few miscommunications, I found her a bit cold in personality, and when I began delving into the idea of rental items, I realized she was shockingly overcharging me for things- $40 for plain tablecloths, $5 per votive candle on tables when I'd want around 9 per table, that kind of thing.

So on the recommendation of a wedding planner, we booked our house florist, Touch of Elegance instead. I instantly loved Lisa, the florist there, because she was warm and really excited about her job. She had fun looking at my inspiration board, immediately whipping out fabric swatches, brainstorming napkin ideas, and sharing a flurry of sample photos. I felt like she really understood what I wanted, and she was giving us much better prices. So we switched.

And this past weekend, we saw our sample centerpieces, which I think fit in perfectly with our theme of  formal, traditional elegance:
The centerpieces are a vintage look gold candelabra, stuffed with peonies, hydrangeas, some type of chrysanthemum, and dendrobium orchids. We're also going to be adding hanging bits of ivy as well.

Something else I liked about Lisa's work was her attention to detail. Our last florist would only give us plain white tealight candles, no votives, included with our centerpiece. Lisa is giving us nine candles, an assortment of votives and floating pillars, all included- no $5 per candle rental fee. We're switching these plain votive holders in the picture to a gold mercury glass look: 

I really love the look Lisa captured and am really happy with this particular flower arrangement. However, there's one thing I need your opinions on, and that would be our linens:

I LOVE this linen. I think it perfectly encapsulates our theme and I think it's absolutely beautiful. However, sometimes I think that in order to pull off a look the right way, you have to exercise restraint and cut something you love. I'm concerned that this blue linen is too much blue for the room. I'm afraid it might match the carpet too much. Here's a pic:

It's really similar to the carpet. I'm not sure that having that carpet and very similar tablecloths is too much. Maybe I should be opting for a damask linen in the beigey color in the carpet, so that it coordinates but isn't the same shade.

What do you guys think? Use the linen pictured here, or opt for something else?


  1. Oo thats a tough one and I agree that it may be too blue and appear too busy in the room. What if you just settled for a classic ivory cloth? Or ivory with a simple lacy overlay, or a simple light blue lacy square piece of fabric in the middle under the centerpiece (can't think of name right now).

  2. I agree with the PP that that would be blue overload and you should go with a softer ivory or cream color linen instead and just let the gold be the centerpieces be your focal point. I think it would look really pretty and classic and clean. Good luck with make your final decision I am sure its going to come out quite lovely.

  3. I agree with the above options and wonder if there's a way of having a smaller version of the linen on the tables? Maybe using the plain linens but a strip of the damask style linen through the centre of each table? (like a table runner?) It is VERY pretty but might be too busy with the carpet...if you could utilize it in a smaller way on the tables it might look lovely!

    The new centre pieces are GORGEOUS and go well with the chandeliers in the room!