Apr 5, 2012

Invite Reveal

Our invites are out and responses are coming back!!! Which means I can finally share them with you guys!

Our beautiful calligraphy is the first thing guests will see in their mailbox:
Carmela did an amazing job, right? I am 120% IN LOVE with this calligraphy. Let's see a close up, of another invite:


So then they open it up to see a more familiar, friendly version of their names, in the same awesome calligraphy:

Then the inner envelope with its pretty gold liner:

The invitation suite includes a beautiful customized card with all the accommodations and website details. I'm glad we spent the extra money to create this, I think it really makes the invitation look classy. Our elegant reply cards are here as well:

And finally, the invitation!

 I love them!!


  1. Gorgeous! Really seems to suit your wedding style! And the calligraphy is beautiful :)

  2. As expected, gorgeous! Definitely fits your classy wedding style!!!