Apr 12, 2012

Post Wedding Goals

I looked at my calendar yesterday and realized that almost every ounce of time I have in the next two months is going to the wedding. And I am loving every second of it, so much so that I am nervous I'm going to go into a post wedding withdrawal.

I love to be busy, creative, and at work on a project, so the wedding is a perfect outlet for me. But without it, I'll have more time to work on other things, so I set some goals up for myself:
1. Have people over more. I want us to have the kind of house where people always come to, and right now we're not really there. I'd love to have our families over more, plus we've got some close friends moving three blocks from us, so I hope they're ready for lots of Italian Sunday dinners!

The last time we had people over was the Superbowl!

Which, btw, I got totally carried away with  I love party planning! 

2. I also really need to go through all our engagement/shower gifts and see what we're keeping, returning, etc. I can't say I need 18 place settings of china, nor can I believe I actually received that many.
Think I'll drop down to 12 and buy some of those pretty crystal glasses! (Personal Pic)

3. Paint our apartment. I think we have a pretty nice place, but the landlord painted it this awful peachy beige with salmon colored molding. It. Is. Hideous. 
4. Also in terms of apartment decor, I've discovered a great blog, The Peak of Tres Chic, which features tons of amazing design inspiration. I turned our second bedroom into my walk-in closet, and now I want to further morph it into an oasis of girly glam, with this picture as my inspiration:

Love the lavendar and mirrored furniture!

5. Keep blogging. Started this blog to become a bee (fail, twice over), but I really love blogging so I want to continue. Without a wedding to yap about, I'm torn between doing a straight up food blog, or a more all-encompassing lifestyle blog.

You'd see stuff like this- a recent lunch of sausage and bean soup with escarole (Personal pic)

 6. Get my career act together. For the past 3.5 years, I have been a government budget analyst, flip flopping around to three army bases. While I loved my first two locations, I'm kind of hating the current one, but am not in a spot in life where I can make big moves. Since I've gotta stay put for now, I'm going to work on improving my attitude and taking charge of what I can to make it better (I do recognize I'm 50% of the issue). In the meantime, maybe I'll think about some other options or further schooling. Technically this goal should start next week, not post wedding, but whatever.

My beloved original base- now closed, hence all my career movement (Source)

7. And finally, translate some of that wedding energy into great things for my friends! I've got a few weddings next July, so I'm looking forward to having more freedom to work on showers and surprises for them.

So that's just what I'm thinking, who knows what real life will bring? Anyone else have some post wedding goals?

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  1. I did not have any goals and I wish I did!! But I have to say it is kind of nice to not have any deadlines anymore!! Besides recaping wedding and honeymoon on the blog and Thank you cards but it is nice to not have the wedding stress for right now. Give me another two weeks and I will be itching for a project. I loved being creative and crafty with my wedding so I hope I can use some of the creative energy to use for hosting parties, and around the house and becoming more domestic!