Apr 3, 2012

Honeymoon Style

Lately, my mind has wandered from the wedding to the honeymoon. With all the new summer clothes coming out in stores (and on fashion blogs!) I keep bookmarking awesome outfits to keep in mind for nights in Hawaii.

I'll start with the obvious, which would be a collection of brightly colored bikinis for the beach. I have a personal rule to never spend more thant $20 on the whole swimsuit, so I get a lot of these in Old Navy sales and at Forever 21.

I'm going to pack my favorite coverup, which I scored for only $9 in Macy's last year. This picture may not do it justice but I think it's so glam:

Personal Pic

I just bought a hot pink blazer in H&M and I am so excited to try out these looks, since I already have a white dress and white capris:

I saw this awesome outfit on Atlantic Pacific,

which reminded me that I own some very similar items:

(Personal Pic)

Love this daytime casual outfit with shorts, though you can bet I'd skip the hat:

Not to mention these super cute jellys I got for the beach:

Personal Pic- The brand is called Dizzy, I bought them in a local boutique.

So there's my start to honeymoon packing! Anyone else get weirdly excited to plan outfits for trips??


  1. Great honeymoon finds...I don't go until June..but I have been eying honeymoon outfits...I think the pink blazer is a must have!

  2. I love it all!! I just got back to Hawaii and all I packed were coverups and sundresses...it was a bit windier than I had thought so make sure to bring a cardigan or a blazer, just like that adorable pink one you posted. You'll have a fab time!