Apr 23, 2012

We Have Wedding Rings!

This past Friday, Mr. B and I picked up our wedding bands!! I figured I'd share because who doesn't love looking at some good old ring porn?

I plan to wear my rings on separate hands, as I could not find a wedding band that matched my engagement ring. There is one designed specially for it, but it is super ugly. And also really expensive.

So I just opted for my dream band, which doesn't go at all, and I'll just move the engagement ring to my right hand.

I went with a shared setting half eternity band:
I think it looks beautiful and classic, and can definitely stand on its own. (And in the future I can possibly get some more, in different stones/shapes, to stack!) I suppose I could also wear them together, but that's a little over the top for me. It hides the pretty detail in my e-ring.

Mr. B also opted for simple and classic, choosing a white gold Art Carved ring with a brushed finished and milgrain detail:

And here they are together:

Good thing these bad boys are locked away, otherwise I'd be extremely tempted to just start wearing it now!

1 comment:

  1. Both gorgeous! And oh yea, I tried mine on every week before the wedding, and just wanted to wear them before we got married, I love wearing them all together now!