Mar 31, 2011

Engagement Pictures are Trying to Kill Me

Mr. B and I planned to take our engagement pictures on the boardwalk, but I recently discovered The Best Pictures Ever, which have me reconsidering.
These pictures so good they prompted me to send the following string of one line emails (copied from my Gmail) to Mr. B at work. Seems I type like I'm drunk when excited:

scroll to very bottom

IM IN LOVE adn im in love with her outfit
brad we need boat pics. f the boardwalk everyone does the boardwalk!!
omg lets do BOHT

You might be wondering what these engagement pictures are:


(You might also be wondering Mr. B's reaction. As an accountant in the height of tax season, it was less enthusiastic.)

These people are on a boat too:

Isn't the nautical dock shoot awesome? I especially love that flag in the background. I'm of course now rethinking our whole idea (I hope it's not totally frivolous and ridic to put this much thought into engagement photography- I'm just having fun!). Mr. B says we can scout some locations on the shore this weekend, so hopefully we find something good and I can stop obsessing! 


  1. LOOOOOOVE these!! Living at the Jersey Shore I see these all the time! Look for a yatch club or marina - and you may have to check about taking pictures there. The Tuckerton Seaport is sooooo beautiful!!

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