Mar 20, 2011

Engagement Pictures- Where to Take?

Long before I was engaged or all that involved in the world of weddings, I knew I wanted to take our engagement pictures on our favorite boardwalk. It's where so many of our "firsts" have taken place- kiss, date, anniversary, etc. In the summer, we're there pretty much weekly, hitting up the bars with our friends or walking the boards, picking out our dream beach houses. There's no question its "our" place, so it seems a natural choice for the engagement pictures.

Here’s the kind of thing I had in mind:

Yet lately I am finding myself drawn to pictures like these:
Look at that gorgeous color contrast! Source

Or these really cool guitar shots, which would be perfect for Mr. B, who loves to play guitar:

Although something about these pics makes me feel like I’m catching the couple seconds before they’re about to do it! Maybe ours might be a little less sexy.

I’m also increasingly drawn to these nature backgrounds:
I love the scale of these two compared to the trees/open land Source

It's also easier to pick an outfit for pictures in a field. I can rock my beloved green military jacket and favorite boots (Also, I love everything about this girl’s outfit)

So there's lots of options, obviously. I think we will probably still wind up on the boardwalk, but there is something really nice about these outdoorsy shots. So now I have a little food for thought, because I wasn't obsessing enough as it is about all things wedding related!

Where did you take engagement pictures? 

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