Mar 17, 2011

Signature Booze

Since our wedding is pretty traditional, I’m always on the lookout for ways that I can bring more personality to the party. Early on, I thought a signature cocktail would be a good way to do this, but Mr. B and I don’t share the same taste in hard liquor. We do, however, agree on craft beer.  During the summer, you can find us almost every Saturday night hanging out in front of his firepit, grilling with our friends and sampling different beers.

So, enter our signature beer: Brooklyn Lager.

Why Brooklyn Lager, of all beers? Well, for starters it was one of the first edible items we agreed on (we’re famous for having almost nothing in common food/drink-wise), and one of the first craft beers we were introduced to. And, since most of our guests are not craft beer aficionados, we figured it was a good compromise beer, to introduce them to something more interesting than Coors without being out there on a Delirium level.

But most of all, we picked it because one of our favorite things to do is visit beer bars in Brooklyn. We pick a few places, and spend the entire day bar hopping and eating. We've had some great finds, from the best vegetable sandwich ever at Brooklyn Bowl, to a truly delicious oyster stout at Barcade. We've visited the Brooklyn Brewery plenty of times as well. So why not honor one of our favorite places with its namesake beer?  

Here's a terrible personal pic of us, sweating in the 100+ degree BK heat:
This was actually taken at Radegast Hall, a beer garden a near the brewery.

Wristbands from the brewery

One of the craziest beer offerings we've come across (no, we did not order that!)


And finally, us at a beer garden for my 24th:

Anyone else having a signature drink?

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  1. We don't have any plans as of yet - buy I wannnnt to!!!