Mar 10, 2011

Our A Team: Crest Florist

Finding a florist was gloriously easy. Shortly after we got engaged, I went to a bridal show with my mom and Mr. B's mom. We wandered over to a table with a gorgeous white flower arrangement that was reminiscent of everything I wanted.

"I know it's too soon to start looking at florists, but want to ask this one what arrangements like that cost?" asked my mom. "So we can start figuring out our budget. We're not going to use these people, so let's not worry about looking stupid enough to get scammed and just ask."

FMIL and I agreed this was a good idea, and approached the woman at the table. Kim was super warm, animated, and friendly, and explained how she'd work with our budget, how she could cut costs by choosing seasonal flowers or certain styles of arrangements. She was honest about what would look better or worse, and how to make something less expensive look better.  She was stylish and easy to talk to. Do I even need to say that obviously, the three of us decided we immediately we wanted her company, Crest Florist, to be our florists?  We made an appointment to see Kim and discuss our options.

Budget savvy as always, my mom and I did visit with two other florists to get an idea of their pricing and options, to make sure Crest wasn't crazy overpriced. Crest is slightly more expensive, but also appeared to have much, much better customer service, better style, and seemed to be more "with it" and modern.They had better options and more creative designs for our chuppah, our centerpieces, and our ceremony decor. The price differential was negligible (few hundred) so we booked them. 

Some of their work:

These cute flowers are for a literary themed wedding! Source

The round look is sort of similar to what we're going for. Source

Look closely at the stand holding up the flowers- that's what we're using! Crest designed and created it themselves. Source

Crest will give us a free sample centerpiece, so we get to go in June to design and see our sample!

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