Mar 2, 2011

Bridal Party Cards

Alright, so the next part of the bridal party cards was to actually make the cards. This was the inspiration I used for the cards:

Again, I started with the Microsoft Word part of it, knowing it wouldn’t fit through the printer once I added all my embellishments. I used an A6 size card, so I set my Word page size to that, and made my margins as small as would allowed.  With a few practice prints I had everything lined up the way I wanted.

Fonts used are Calibri and Edwardian Script.

For my patterned strip in the middle, I cut  a 2.5 wide by 4.75 inch tall strip of brown cardstock, and then used a scallop edge cutter to finish the edges. I cut a slightly smaller strip of patterned paper (2 x 4.25), and spray glued it onto the cardstock. Then I glued the whole thing onto the card:

 For the inside, I went back to my trusty MS Word, and created a text box sized to my cards (6.5 wide by 4.75 tall). Inside I wrote, “I promise the dress will be cute!”  I printed this out on white cardstock, and then cut around the text box lines. For a little flair (and because I’m obsessed with my new paper cutter), I scalloped cut those edges too.

Then, I used a rubber stamp and embossing powder to create a little dress icon inside the card. Embossing is incredibly easy. You’ll need a stamp, an embossing ink marker, embossing powder, and a heat tool (kind of like a skinny blowdryer). It sounds like a lot of equipment, but combined it’ll cost you only about $25. It's only 3 steps:
1. Press stamp into embossing ink pad (I recommend using a clear ink).
2. Press the stamp into the paper, then pour embossing powder over the image and shake off the excess.
3. Use your heat tool to melt the powder. You’re left with a very professional quality image, and this is honestly idiot-proof. Although I will warn you that it does work better on certain color cardstocks better- it wasn't as nice on the white as it was on brown.

I'll show the finished product and supplies tomorrow!

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