Mar 28, 2011

Ladies' Lunch

So a few weeks ago I shared with you the cards I sent to ask my friends to be bridesmaids. In the card, I invited them to a brunch at my house, to get any necessary introductions going and amp everyone up for being part of Team B&T. Plus, I know that being a bridesmaid can be a bit of a time and financial commitment, so I wanted to do something nice to show everyone that I appreciated it. Orr I just like excuses to drink champagne at noon. So I invited the girls over for a yummy bridesmaids' lunch.

Please observe the hugest quantity of food anyone ever thought was necessary for only six people!

We started with a gigantic tray of sandwiches:
All pics are mine (and are proof that just because you use a fancy camera, doesn't mean your pictures will actually come out good).

I had a bunch of other goodies, including a sausge and broccoli rabe pasta salad, prosciutto bread, olives, an Italian cheese tray (in case it wasn't clear that we're all a bunch of guids), salad, and breadsticks.

And the girls all brought delicious desserts, from a yummy fruit tart to homemade cupcakes that looked like tuxedos.

And what girly brunch would be complete without mimosas? 

 And here’s all of us together (I blurred faces for privacy reasons).

A little intro to everyone, from left to right:

I’ve known BM Kelly since kindergarten. She is incredibly warm, sweet, and intuitive. We laugh constantly when we’re together, and she knows me really well and is never afraid to point things out or give her honest opinion.

Jenn is my MOH, and we've been inseparable since 7th grade, including being roommates all four years of college. I picked her for MOH since I’m closest to her. Plus, as one of my smartest and most badass at life friends, I've learned a lot from her, to a degree that I think I'd be a different person if I hadn't known her.

BM Kaitlyn is a ton of fun, and my go-to for lots of girly stuff- gossiping on our work emails, shopping, and as we like to say, “drinking $12 martinis.” She’s funny, awesome, and down to earth.

That’s me in the gigantic pearls. I hope to wear this awesome necklace at the wedding.

BM Laura is one of the few people more "Type A" than I am, and probably the only girl who would totally get it when I text her with a picture from the H and M dressing room, asking if the inseam on a pair of jeans looks like it’s ¼ inch too short. We are both picky like that, and I definitely need her to weigh in with a supercritical eye on all the style elements of the wedding. BM Laura will keep me classy!

And finally is BM Katie, my cousin. I didn’t grow up superclose to my extended family but we have started to get together more and I’m really  happy about that. Like Kelly, Katie is an incredibly sweet and warm person. Her enthusiasm for being part of the bridal party made me really happy, and I am looking forward to sharing this with her!

So there’s my bridal party and our first group activity, which I think was a ton of fun and a great way to start the wedding festivities!


  1. Yay for bridesmaids! Will you let them know about your blog?

  2. Eventually! I don't know why I haven't lol