Mar 30, 2011

Required Reading

I am a book junkie*. I will read about anything, and I read like crazy- in fourth grade, I won a contest for reading 40 books in one month! (I am a little less intense now).

My reading obsession has combined itself with my wedding planning obsession, and consequently I’ve consumed a ton of books and magazines on the subject.

But really, there is only one wedding planning book you need. Brides, you know what I’m talking about:

I am sure that's not a surprise to anyone! I bet we all have a copy of this (and if you don't, buy one!)

This book is jam-packed with information on every single aspect of the wedding.  Mindy, and her coauthor, Lisbeth Levine, do not leave any subject unaddressed, and they provide a very polite, neutral stance on different options. This book will be your reference guide to any party, planning, shopping, designing, etiquette, and even relationship questions you might have. I’d actually go as far as to say you couldn’t plan a wedding without this book.  

Then there’s David Tutera’s Big White Book of Weddings. Let me preface this by saying, it’s not necessarily a useful book- at one point, David warns brides to keep the horses away from the fireworks, as the noise might spook the animals prior to the brides’ entrance (what?! Who is this an issue for?) So while it might be better suited to platinum brides, it’s certainly a fun escapist read! And you will pick up some tips along the way, but they won't be anything you couldn't have found in Mindy's book.


BridalBargains, by Denise and Alan Fields, was a solid B+. It had some helpful tips on negotiating with vendors and money pitfalls to watch out for. I found the dress shopping chapter particularly helpful to me, as it did provide some new information (to me, at least) on how to find the best bargains. Overall though, this book was not very applicable for my situation, or the type of wedding I’m  having. I’m not hiring caterers separate from my venue, I’m not bringing in my own alcohol, I'm not doing my own flowers.  I don't live in an area where low-budget weddings are easy to pull off.  If you are are lucky enough to though, you might find this indispensable.

And let’s not forget magazines, books’ fun cousins! Who didn't run out and buy The Knot mag when they first got engaged? They’re great to browse through, but unfortunately, I’ve found that many repeat information and even pictures from issue to issue, knowing they don’t have a constant reader base. But there are two that are straight up awesome: 

Martha Stewart Weddings is my favorite. I wish this was published more than 4 times a year! I’ve gone through the Spring 2010 issue so many times it’s falling apart, yet I am in withdrawal!  

I also got lucky when I discovered Inside Weddings at a newsstand in the Port Authority. I bought it to read on the way home, and it was worth every cent of its (kinda high) $10.95 price tag. The contents featured items that were a bit on the fancy side- right up my alley!- and while not always realistic for my budget, it provided some great, and exceptionally classy, inspiration.

What books and magazines are indispensable for you? (I am guessing many of the same!)

*I must get it from my dad- two weeks after I got engaged, I saw a stack of books on his desk: Idiot’s Guide to Being the Father of the Bride, Idiot’s Guide to WeddingEtiquette, and he got Mr. B the Idiot’s Guide to Being a Groom!


  1. Super heart Martha's, of course! And I love weddingstar. It's more a product catalogue, but it has some GREAT set-up ideas and pictures. And the cake toppers there are better than any I've ever seen.

  2. I LOVE Mindy's book and totally agree with you. I have Bridal Bargains but haven't gotten to the meat of it yet.