Mar 16, 2011

A-Team: Band

Mr. B's parents always "know a guy." They "knew a guy" when it came to picking a wedding photographer, and they "knew a guy" when it came to picking a band. "He'll give us a break. Just meet him" they told us. As you may recall, we were not thrilled with "friendor" photographer, so when it came time to meet the band, we gritted our teeth and braced ourselves for lackluster, generic wedding music.

Boy, were we wrong! The band was awesome. I was actually at the point of contract with another band, but was so blown away by this group that we booked them immediately and cancelled the first. 

So who are they? 

White Light!!!

They were so great! It was 11:30 am, I was exhausted and not in the wedding planning zone, yet just watching their video put us in such a good mood that Mr. B and I rounded up all our friends and dragged them out to the bar that night, just to get our dance on. Their song list is fantastic, with a well-rounded "through the decades" approach, including everything from my favorite CCR songs to Lady Gaga. Mr. B and I went home, sat at my kitchen table, and sang our way through the entire list, laughing and checking off our must-plays (oh yes, there will be some ACDC!)

White Light is a well-known band, with many events to their name, and something like 20 years of experience. I feel super excited and confident in this vendor. I'm kind of in shock that somehow I wound up with such a highly regarded band at my wedding (Seriously, they play actual celebrity weddings-- who the heck am I? I really thought we'd be going DJ on the music). Big thanks to Mr. B's parents for this one!!

Give them a listen here!

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